Sebs Elite Boxing Gym offers you the chance to tone, learn to defend yourself and to have fun while you exercise. You will never be the same again. We can guarantee you that! Our services are numerous and offer you the sort of professional training you can expect to find at any gym. Our trainers offer you their time and knowledge to build you to the level you require, with some hard work along the way.

    * High quality personal trainers * Personal training and Elite Boxing classes * Weight and Cardio Facilities * Juice Bar and Wireless Internet * Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome
Welcome to the Sebs Elite Boxing. This isn't your ordinary faceless gym – like the name says it's an Elite Boxing Gym, which means great workouts, progressive learning and hard earned reward in a friendly, motivating environment. No posing, no nonsense. But what really sets Sebs apart is the training experience. Boxing is for real, you don't 'play' boxing, it connects to something primal and is utterly exhilarating. Most of our members however - male and female, boys and girls – don't do the full contact thing but love the one-on-one coaching or Boxing Fitness and Physical Training classes. They benefit from great physical conditioning, increased confidence (walking out of the gym with a smile on the face a 'spring in the step' and that 'ready for anything' attitude) and from the fact that, let's face it, punching the pads or bags is brilliant stress relief (and much more productive than shouting at the kids, kicking the dog, hammering the credit card and telling the boss what for!) The classes are uplifting; buzzing with energy, amped music and a strong sense of purpose. So whatever you want from your training - whether it's to get into great shape, cross-train for another sport or activity or perhaps prepare for your own personal battles – you'll have a great time and get the best workout.